There are so many health claims made about tea, and quite frankly, they seem to be more hype than anything else.

Yes, there is a correlation with green tea drinkers and reduced cancer rates. Usually, polyphenols are attributed to this health benefit. But honestly, there are tons of similar correlations.

Green Tea and the Asian Paradox

Most tea hype probably stems from its “medicinal” applications of the past. Still now, in modern times, people look to tea for alleviating minor ailments. When I have an upset stomach, sore throat, or cold, I go running for lemon ginger tea or ginger kombucha tea.

Outside of the realm of physical health, the particular blend of amino acids found in some teas is credited for creating a relaxed state of mine. I find that approaching any challenge in life with the same mindset as one would approach a fresh cup of tea, offers balance and calmness of mind to any given situation. Many meditators use tea to keep their mind focused and their body equally relaxed.

A Zen Tao Tea Tasting Ceremony

Do not fall for “weight loss” or “detox” tea scams. They are a waste of money. A healthy lifestyle results in weight loss, not a cup of tea. And the only substantial detoxification caused by tea is its diuretic effect that results in more frequent urination.

In summary, yes, tea is healthy, but not necessarily in the way or to the substantial degree often rumored.

Warmest regards,

Andres Nava

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