I am not a Physician, but I am a long-term tea drinker. From my experience, I find that green tea, specifically green tea, influences a positive state of mental clarity and vigor. I find that green tea makes me feel like I did in my late teens and early 20’s.

There are plenty of studies that make claims for and against X, Y, and Z. I find that if you are drinking green tea to attain some specific result, you may be drinking it for the wrong reason. Drink to enjoy, irrespective of whatever benefit may come.

As far as negative effects go, I do find that drinking green tea too late in the evening interrupts my ability to fall asleep. However, I find it difficult to become “jittery” from the caffeine in green tea as I do with coffee or black tea.

Some studies show a decrease in cancer possibly linked to drinking green tea. You can read more about it here: Green Tea and the Asian Paradox

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Warmest regards,

Andres Nava

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