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Seize the tea!

Alarm Clock marking 4:59 AM in green light digital numbersIt’s dark and quiet outside with a stillness that seems to permeate the atmosphere. The birds have yet to rise and begin their morning ritual songs. I do not know it yet, but my alarm clock is showing 4:59 AM. As it turns to 5:00 AM, my Breville automatic tea maker starts to boil and my alarm gently escalates until I awake to a new day.

The night before I prepared a pot of water and gently filled the basket of my tea maker with four generous teaspoons of Golden Black Tip whole leaf tea. I use 4 teaspoons partly because it is the suggested amount of whole leaf tea to use for one kettle of tea, but also because it amuses my superstitious nature. In the practice of numerology, the number 4 symbolizes dependability, productivity, and punctuality.

Being only human, I hit the snooze button at least once before I muster up the will to let go of my peaceful slumber and enter into the new day. The smell of a fresh warm tea motivates me to get up and out of bed. Even before putting on my house slippers, the first thing I do is pour fresh-brewed Golden Black Tip tea into my favorite cup. Most ritual tea drinkers and even coffee drinkers have a favorite cup. Mine is a simple cup, without a handle, that is inscribed in Chinese with the 10 ways of healthy living. The first way translates to “more tea, less alcohol.”

Morning mist over a tea farmI lift my half-full cup to my mouth and blow gently, feeling the warm steam wisp across my face as I picture the mist that blanketed the Lida Ecological Tea Garden where my Golden Black Tip tea came from. The smell rising from my cup has floral top-notes with earthy base-notes  reminiscent of sweet potato. I take my first sip and feel the warmth travel down into my empty stomach. Within a matter of minutes my body responds encouragingly and I am ready to tackle whatever adventures the day brings.

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