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Tao Te Tea is an online-based tea shop with a main office located in Mission, Texas - down in the southern-most part of Texas. We work closely with farmers and distributors in China, Japan, India, and other locations to bring you premium quality tea and the opportunity to make your tea purchasing decisions based on an intimate knowledge of the product. Because of our close relationship with the sources of our teas, we can share detailed insight to the environment from where our teas came, including photos of the tea estates, farmers, and in-depth information about each tea.

The pride of Tao Te Tea does not just come in the quality of the products we offer, but in our mission to make the world a better place one cup at a time. Tao Te Tea contributes to Saint Jude Children’s Research Hospital with help from our loyal customers. We have chosen to focus our efforts on Saint Jude Children’s Research Hospital because we feel a powerful need to help innocent souls have every opportunity to enjoy a healthy and happy life.

Our Staff

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Andres S Nava

Owner, CEO

Jennifer Ross

Purchasing and Distribution Manager