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Using black tea from Fengqing, Yunnan as the base material, these dragon pearls are manually made into their distinctive shape, preserving the characteristic aroma of the black tea inside.

The leaves for these pearls should only be picked around the time of Qingming, or pre-Ming - or in other calendars, about two weeks after the spring equinox. The leaves used are the highest grade spring teas, with noticeable white hairs along the surface. When smelling the dry pearls, you can easily pick out a chocolate aroma.


Tea Master's Notes


Lida Village, Mengyou, Fengqing County, Lincang City, Yunnan Province, China

Dry Leaf: 

Handmade into globular black tea, with golden tips


A strong and distinctive aroma with an enticing hint of chocolate


Bright red-brown color


Bold and rich, with undertones of chocolate and a sweet aftertaste

Tea Bush:

Fengqing large-leaf wild tea bush species

Tea Garden:

Lida Ecologic Tea Garden


Less than 40% of a cup of coffee


Store in airtight, opaque packaging; in cool, dry place


Black dragon tea pearls are made from Yunnan Dianhong black tea leaves. This particular Black Dragon Pearl Tea comes from the Lida Tea Garden, located southwest of Mengyou Town in Fengqing at an elevation of 1800 meters. Its high elevation and ecologic environment make it a perfect place for producing Dianhong Black Tea. 

About The Farmer

The Dianhong Yunnan tea is grown by Mr. Zhou Zhirong, a local Yunnan citizen who has over 20 years of experience farming tea. Mr. Zhou Zhirong said, “Most of my time is spent on this mountain. I think the most important part of the tea is the essential quality inside it. The best tea trees and the best environment is here in Fengqing. What we need to do is bring that natural essence of the tea to tea lovers all over the world.” is working hard with Mr. Zhou Zhirong to share his tea with the world.


Black Draong Pearl Tea comes from Fengqing, a region in the northeast part of Lincang and one of the four famous Pu-erh production areas - Xishuangbanna, Pu’er (Simao), and Baoshan. Lincang is about 680 kilometers from Yunnan province, Kunming, and is also the origin of the world-famous Dian Hong black tea, as well as one of the original Dian Hong tea-production regions in the world.


The tea tree is Fengqing large leaf species (belongs to Yunnan large leaf species). It is the variety of sexual propagation, arbor, super large leaf, and a big plant which could reach the height over 6 meters. In 1984 the Chinese government certificated Fengqing large leaf species as national grade, and numbered it as “Huacha NO. 13 (GsCT13)”.

Fengqing large leaf species contains a large amount of tea polyphenol and catechin. Usually in spring teas there are 2.9% of amino acid, 30.2% of tea polyphenol, 3.2% of caffeine and 13.4% of catechin.


Dian Hong Black Tea was first produced in the 1930's by Feng Shaoqiu in Fengqing, Yunnan (the place which was considered well to grow tea for its natural environment). The first batches of Dian Hong were instantly popular, and were exported through Hong Kong to England and other Western countries. Now Dian Hong has become one of the most respected and widely known types of Chinese black tea. Held in extremely high regard in China, it is often presented by the government there as gifts to visiting dignitaries.